What is the secret to the Patricia Clarke Body Wrap?

The success of this amazing body wrap is due to a combination of our anti cellulite body contouring firming gel and neoprene bandages. The compression of the bandages and the active ingredients with their strengthening, diuretic and stabilizing properties targets the toxins in the adipose fatty tissue, breaking down the fatty tissue by means of absorption by the lymph duct, so that the unwanted fatty tissue finally passes out through the body. The contouring gel and the neoprene bandages and home care garments maintain the contour of the body, helping to avoid a spongy appearance.

How fast will I see results with PATRICIA CLARKE?

Consistency is the key, it is important to use the products daily. Some clients see results within 4 days of consistent use. Overall results are achieved between 4days – 4 weeks with continuous use of the product. The centimeter loss with the contouring body wrap is immediate and the centimeter loss achieved can be expected to be between 15 and 60cm within an hour.

How long lasting are the results?

Unlike weight loss treatments that depend on body perspiration for their effects, normal drinking does not damage the achievements nor replace the lost centimeters. It is not a water loss technique. With a correct eating plan, and a healthy lifestyle there is no time limitation on how long you will sustain your results.

How often can I have a body wrap?

One to two wraps per week are recommended depending on your personal goal. After a series of 6 wraps you can also follow a maintenance program of one wrap every 4 weeks.

How does it work?

In recent years, the reducing and firming properties of many natural and synthetic substances have received general recognition. The PATRICIA CLARKE gel has been specially formulated and developed to utilize these properties to the maximum. It acts upon nearly all the factors that give rise to body miss-shaping and excess body fluid. Cellulite and tissue weaknesses respond most favorably to the PATRICIA CLARKE gel’s action. The treatment does not depend in any way on fluid loss by perspiration, it is the intra-cellular fluids in the “fat tissues” (adipose) that benefit most.

Can I lose weight with this treatment?

This treatment is not based on weight loss as such but the centimetre loss is astounding. The inner body response and tissue strengthening are the factors through which the dimensional improvements are achieved. Some clients have benefitted from weight loss with consistent utilization of the neoprene garments and contouring gel as a home care solution.

How long has PATRICIA CLARKE been available?

The present much improved gel was first used 3 decades ago and since then, its effectiveness has been extensively tested with overwhelming acclaim. The ingredients fully comply with E.E.C. regulations and use of the PATRICIA CLARKE gel has been found to be free of any detrimental side effects. The product is 100% Vegan.

Is PATRICIA CLARKE contouring gel vegan and natural?

Yes, the contouring gel is a 100% vegan and contain natural ingredients including 16 actives.

What are the advantages of PATRICIA CLARKE contouring gel?

Clearly it is the instant impact of PATRICIA CLARKE contouring gel that makes it so preferable. To lose centimeters in problem areas in only one hour with the body wrap treatment is a boost to anyone who wants or needs to look their very best. It can be used on its own at home or together with the neoprene range which will accelerate the results. Following a sensible eating and exercising routine help towards maintaining the wonderful immediate effects of PATRICIA CLARKE contouring gel and body wrap treatment.

How does the formulation work?

The botanical ingredients are specifically formulated so that in combination the joint properties have an extremely high affinity or attraction to the toxins in the adipose fat tissue. The combination of the different botanical ingredients elected is most effective as each one catalyzes the other and the end result is the most effective contouring gel. When introduced to the toxified fatty tissue, the active ingredients will move through the cell membranes.

Determine which size garment to purchase.

X-Small | size 6-10

Small | size 10-12

Medium | size 14-16

Large | size 18-20

X-Large | size 20-24

Remember these garments offer compression and it is always a good idea to down size as the garments need to fit snug for accelerated results.