Melanotan II Peptide Tanning Injections x2


Melatonan II Peptide Injection x 2

Melatonan prepares the skin by darkening it to a golden tan before you are exposed to the sun thus avoiding sun burn.

2 x 10mg

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Melatonan prepares the skin by darkening it to a golden tan before you are exposed to the sun thus avoiding sun burn. This product was developed at the University of Arizona and has been successful all over the world:

    • Natural Tan – not the fake look that tanning creams and sprays give you.
    • No UV exposure that the sun or sun-beds give off. UV Rays is recognized as the primary cause of skin cancer.
    • No tanning lines.
    • No sunburn.
    • Healthy and sexy look.


You will see the benefits quickly, as you develop a natural looking tan that actually helps to protect you from the sun’s UV rays giving you a great looking sexy tan.

Simple self-administered tanning injections, Melanotan II starts working from day one, instructing your skin’s own tanning cells to increase the production of melanin, giving you a natural and genuine tan. No more orange spray tans or streaky self-tanning solutions – Melanotan II is a genuine tan that lets you avoid the dangers and skin-aging of exposure to the sun.
Melanotan II is currently being used around the world mainly as an effective sunless tanning In essence; it could protect people by providing them with a sunless tan that would make them less prone to burn with their day-to-day exposure to the sun.


How much to use / how often?

The correct dosage for Melanotan II is 1mg per day for every 100kg of bodyweight.

Results are noticeable within 1-3 weeks. Until desired colour is reached, Melanotan II should be used every day.

Once a user is happy with their tan, it can be maintained by tanning briefly just 1-2 times per week and only taking the Melanotan II dose on these days instead of everyday (some users can even maintain with sun only and stop using Melanotan II completely).


It is important to note

The more sun you get the darker your skin will go (Melanotan II makes your body produce more melanin so it goes brown in response to UV instead of burning).

Studies indicate that Melanotan II is capable of inducing very minor darkening of skin colour without UV light or sun light exposure; however, MUCH BETTER RESULTS are achieved when Melanotan II is combined with UV exposure.


Preparing your dose

Melanotan II is administered by the same quick & painless injection that thousands of diabetics perform on themselves every day. These can be easily obtained at your local Pharmacy (Not included in order).

It simply involves inserting a tiny insulin needle into fatty tissue in the abdominal area.

100kg subject – 1mg per day (0.1ml or “10” on the Insulin syringe) 75kg subject – 0.75mg per day (0.07ml or “7” on the Insulin syringe) 50kg subject – 0.5mg per day (0.05ml or “5” on the Insulin syringe)



Storage Instructions

In powder form, the Melanotan II vial should be stored at refrigerator temperature (2-8 degrees Celsius) where it will remain stable for at least 12 months where possible to retain potency.

Once reconstituted (mixed) with solution, the vial should be stored in the refrigerator.

Under no circumstances should the vial be shaken once mixed.

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