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Alisha is an IFBB athlete who made the KZN team and was placed 3rd in SA CHAMPS. She has also been invited to compete in Arnolds in 2020.

“South Beach Tan is changing my life, I am so happy with my tan coming along only after being in the sun twice!”

– Alisha –

I love this tanning product because it is amazing and painless. It has changed my life, I have been pale most of my life, spooky kind of pale, and since using this stuff I’m confident in wearing dresses and shorts. I was never able to tan either, I would burn red, peel and go back to spooky white. With South Beach Tan I am able to tan! I love love love this! Thank you South Beach Tan for helping build my self esteem!

– Tiffany –

I haven’t been able to get in the sun as often as I like, but I am totally in love with South Beach Tan’s tanning lotion!

– Golden Legs –

I have always been fair and freckly so tanning in the sun wasn’t an option for me. I’ve always had to wear factor 50 otherwise I just burn. South beach tan has given me an easy solution, with stunning results. Now when I go outdoors, I don’t burn. I stay tanned right through winter. I also love how so many new colours suit my complexion, not just clothes but hair colour too.
When I’ve stopped taking the product, it’s taken a few months for my tan to fade. I would definitely recommend it.

– Jackie –

Being a person who loves an all round good looking tan, I am highly impressed by the results delivered by using South Beach Tan. After only 4 weeks of using South Beach Tan (and 5 sunbed sessions within those 4 weeks); I immediately saw results. Results many complimented me on.

The nasal spray is quick and easy to use with no fuss, makes it so convenient for me. For me personally a big bonus is that there are no negative side effects to using South Beach Tan … I’m loving my brown glowing skin… and would highly recommend it to those looking to boost their natural tan.

– Megan –

Patricia Clarke Logo

I weighed 103 kilograms. I lost 60 centimetres with my first wrap of the slimming course. I lost 197 centimetres in total and my weight is now 72 kilograms. I am still losing with my Home Care Kit and am motivated, thrilled and I like myself again.

– K Fegison –

I personally have lost 35 centimeters during my first treatment and a total of 78 centimeters over my course. Thanks to regular treatments, I’ve been able to maintain a slim and trim figure. In addition, I’ve achieved a marvellous sense of well-being.

– S Etburg –

Patricia Clarke Logo
Patricia Clarke Logo

I’m a professional dancer. What’s more, I do belly dancing. So if your figure is not right, everybody will know it. I lost 30 centimetres in my first Patricia Clarke treatment and 70 centimetres over the course.

– A Wakeling –

Earlier this year I was feeling totally strung out. I couldn’t function properly and had so much to do, I wasn’t sure what to tackle first. I heard about Kanna Calm and decided I had nothing to lose.

Within 2 – 3 days of taking one capsule every morning, I suddenly realised that I was calm and focused and getting on with things. It wasn’t an earth-shattering change, I didn’t feel a sudden or radical shift, I just felt calm and able to cope. Kanna Calm takes the edge off in a way that is subtle but powerful. I can’t believe how much it helped me.


– Bronwyn –

Kanna Calm Testimonial

I noticed that I started to get anxious and I couldn’t understand why.  I tried to control the panic attacks on my own but they were getting worse. I started taking Kanna Calm and within a week I could definitely feel the difference.

I am calmer, I don’t panic as much and I can definitely get some sleep at night. A healthier approach to anxiety and panic attacks is most definitely the way to go.

– Toya –